The Garcia Sisters

Born in Melbourne, Australia, these sisters love nothing more than to write a great horror story. A few years ago these sisters came together with the idea to write a series of young adult books called The Night Owl Chronicles. When their first book titled The Door was published, they were invited to officially launch their book at the Melbourne Writers Festival. After the success of the The Door, they were ready to publish their other manuscripts, but their love of horror films and storytelling was stronger. It was then that they decided to transition from authors to screenwriters and adapt all their manuscripts into screenplays. They love nothing more than the art of storytelling… and scaring their audience!




“Writing is etched in my heart. I love putting characters into situations where the audience cannot guess what’s going to happen next. My aim is to get under their skin and explore the many different faces of fear.”



“I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love everything about writing. When I write, I always try to elicit strong emotions and have the audience question what they’d do in the character’s position.”