Whatever you do…Don’t open the door!

The Door is a heart-pounding, page turner thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.


Knock,  Knock, Let Me In!

Our Story

Yes, we are sisters. We are very passionate about writing.

We love to entertain, and scare our readers


We joined together and created the world of The Night Owl Chronicles book series

Read Me A Story

Listen to the Garcia Sisters read to you from their epic novel The Door here

Follow the Owl



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Deep in the woods a great horned owl awaits…

When you enter the woods, the gray fog may try to blind your path. The trees will attempt to trip you, and dark shadows will endeavor to distract you. Ignore the whispers as they call your name.

Under the silver moon the wise owl will sit with you, and protect you as you read our scary books. He is the only one that will lead you out of the woods alive.

Never fear, listen to the hoot of the owl, be quick on your feet, hold onto your lantern, and follow the owl.

Welcome to the world of The Night Owl Chronicles.

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Q&A: How do we write?

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