Award winning screenwriters, authors and creators of The Night Owl Chronicles – a film production company.


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The Garcia Sisters love to write horror. Even though the stories they create are fiction, they explore real emotions such as isolation, fear of the unknown and survival against all odds. They write to not only scare their audience, but to also entertain them.

Welcome to their world. 


Writing is their passion. The Garcia Sisters have transitioned from authors to screenwriters and since then, they have written several feature and short screenplays that have been officially selected and awarded in various film festivals.

Whatever you do… Don’t open the door!

Ever since a violent robbery forced Josh Riley and his family to move to a new house, he’s been on edge. There’s a strangely unsettling new student at school, and he can’t sleep at night.

The nightmares and insomnia from his anxiety are bad enough. But when he’s home alone, something comes knocking at his front door. In the deepest, darkest part of the night, he hears the house rattle and the doorknob turn. He catches glimpses of unexplainable things – bloodshot eyes staring back through the peephole, strange symbols around the edge of the door, and racing shadows – but no one believes him.

Have the thieves tracked him down? Is it merely a neighborhood prankster? Or is Josh losing his mind?

The Door is a heart-pounding story that will keep you guessing until the very end.



Knock,  Knock, Let Me In!